Here you'll find my work as a cinematographer and

my (mostly personal) work as a photographer.







While I was in college photography grew on me, but by my last year

a friend told me to be the DP in his shortfilm and I said yes.


I liked it.


So I did a second shortfilm and I like it even more.

By my last semester I was involved in the camera department

of all the projects I could find. 


Many years later cinematography became my main profession.







Photography has become my most personal way of expression.


I often find myself shooting exciting places or interesting people

or maybe both. And some how this has led me to start

extremely personal projects.


 Still, every now and then I have the opportunity to work

in an assignement for a client and the final photos feel deeply satisfying.


I want to explore more of this path. 





I'm currently living in Mexico City and I would love to work in your project, 

even if it is at the other side of the world. 


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